VPN Company FAQs

How Does VPN Work?

When you connect to VPN Company service, a secure, encrypted internet connection is created between your computer and our VPN server. From there you go out to the internet and everything that you do online is encrypted between you and the VPN server. This also has the essential side-effect of masking your real IP address (your real IP pinpoints your actual physical location).

No one, including your ISP, Government moniitors, hackers, etc. can see what is passing back and forth in the VPN tunnel. This is particularly important not only for keeping hackers at bay, but also because of the ever increasing blanket surveillance of everyone's internet activity by governments world-wide.

What are benefits of using VPN Company Services?

There are several including, but not limited to:

There are a lot of fly by night operators out there. We have been invovled in building VPN networks for over ten years. Our phone number is on our website and we can be reached any time. Give us a call if you wish to discuss options in person!

Privacy With Anonymity
By masking your true IP address, no user identifiable information exists in the connection. In addition, all of your internet traffic is wrapped in an encrypted tunnel, so you are secure from prying eyes. In addition, we do not log ANY user identifiable info.

Security On Untrusted Networks
Public Wi-Fi hotspots are not safe, as your connection (and hence all of your data) is easily snooped on by malicious types of people. By connecting to your VPN Company service right after you connect to a wi-fi hotspot, you are lock down your connnection and are immune to your data being sniffed "on the wire".

Bypass Censorship
With ever-increasing government censorship of the internet, it's doubly important for all users world-wide to be able to access the free and open internet. Access Facebook, Yourtube, and Twitter. The way it should be.

Unblock Content
Access Netflix in the USA, BBC iPlayer in the UK, Hulu, etc. No matter where you are in the world, we've got you covered.

Virtual Locations
Need an IP in the USA, Canada, Singapore, UK, Germany, Netherlands? No worries - we've got you covered. If you need a location that we don't currently support, don't hesitate to contact us and request one!

Does this secure only my web browser, or all of my internet traffic?

Unlike a web proxy, VPN Company service secures much more than just your web browsing activity. All of your online activity including IM/Skype/Messenger/AIM, email, gaming, and any other internet applications are routed through the encrypted tunnel.

Does VPN Affect My Internet Speeds?

There are many factors that can affect your network speeds. Two of the biggest are phyiscal distance from the VPN server and the quality of your existing internet connection. Generally speaking, the closer your physical location is to the vpn server the better your speeds will be.

Please note that expecting to get your 50 Mbit ISP speed over a VPN connection is unrealistic. Due to the myriad of factors that can affect speeds between you and the vpn server, and from there to your final web destination, no minimum speed can be guaranteed. And at the end of the day, VPN is primarily about security, not blazing speeds.

Can I watch streaming video while connected to VPN Company service?

You sure can! FYI, we use VPN Company all the time while streaming. No matter the site, they all work - Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, you name it.

One Caveat: If you're on a slow connection, you may see buffering problems.

Can my ISP see what I'm doing while I'm connected to VPN Company VPN service?

In a word, no. As all of your traffic is encrypted inside the tunnel, your ISP can only see the connection, but cannot monitor the traffic inside of that connection.

What Payment Options Do You Offer?

We accept credit cards (Visa/MC, Amex, Discover, Diners Club), PayPal, and Bitcoin. And speaking of Bitcoin not only do we accept it, we heartily endorse its use due to its privacy features. If you prefer another payment option that you'd like to see us adopt, don't hesitate to contact us!

I've Tried Using PayPal, But It's Not Working?

Due to rampant PayPal fraud, we only accept PayPal payments from verified PayPal accounts. If you do not have a verified paypal account, we do offer alternative methods such as Bitcoin.